Institut Supérieur de Formation Continue d'Etterbeek


You have decided to study French twice a week. It's a good start, but to progress quickly in that language, you'll have to attend every lessons, to study regularly at home (15 min/day), to change a small habit in your everyday life in order to be fully in contact with French (listening to the radio, watching tv...), and express yourself in French with your classmates.

Going to school 6h/week is not enough to study a language and to discover a culture. You are the essential element of your learning. The teacher counts for maximum 30%. At the end of your learning unit, you'll be able to understand simple spoke messages, to cope with everyday life situations and to write short texts. To that purpose, we'll only speak French, use books, games, songs, television and theatre. In order to know if you fit with your level, tests will take place regularly.

Studying a language is no easy matter but discovering another culture is so wonderful!

Happy visit!

Thierry Gilis (French teacher A1-A2)


Conditions of admission

Compulsory test to advise students on what French course level to follow (even beginner).



September and January.

The fees are depending of your status, your identity card, your nationality. Most you can pay is € 308 if you are not CEE citizen and with only a passport. The average price is about € 128 for CEE citizen.

For registration, we need

You could pay cash or with Bancontact.


Outline of the courses